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Last week, we had a wonderful time filming for a segment with FarmHer, which is a show about women in agriculture, aired on RFD-TV! Stay tuned for more details!

The break in rain, and the descending moon, calls for pruning to begin!

If you enjoy hosting dinner parties, or gatherings of friends and family, here is a fabulous idea for your next event! Our winemaker, Tracey Hawkins, will walk you through a tutorial on how to host a blind tasting!

Just enough snow fell last night, to powder the vineyards for a beautiful photo!

As you all know, Hawk and Horse Vineyards is certified organic, and biodynamic. We get a lot of questions about biodynamic farming, and what it means, enjoy this video on an introduction to Biodynamic, and it’s benefits!

Hawk and Horse Vineyards