Winter in the Biodynamic Vineyard

Winter in the vineyard is a time of rest - at least for we human caretakers of the land. The vines are in their dormant period. Harvest is behind us and the wine is at rest in barrels. The vineyard is a place of peace and serene beauty - the stillness of stark, naked vines contrast with wildlife; austere, bright skies contrast with a carpet of rich green ground cover. Hawks fly from their perches hunting by day - owls glide on silent wings at night. Turkeys parade in groups - golden and brown - picking at acorns from Oak trees on the vineyard’s edge, foxes nibble at stray berries and mountain lions also seek prey, quietly, on padded feet. Days alternate between crisp, sunny and cold to gray and rainy (though this year we‘d like to see a little more rain!). The soil is soft and moist - a deep, opulent red glittering with Lake County diamonds. These little gems seem to bubble to the surface this time of year, after the first rains…

 Below the surface, however, the earth is teeming with activity. Worms, microbes and friendly bacteria are working in the damp, soft soil and transforming the biodynamic compost we put out in the late fall. We have buried our 500 vineyard preparation (Horn Dung) and it, too, is being acted upon by friendly creatures within the soil to make the basis for the concentrated teas we will apply to the vineyard in very early spring.

 A visit to Hawk and Horse Vineyards is a delight this time of year. Call ahead to schedule a vineyard tour!


Hawk and Horse Vineyards