Rocky Fire Update

Hawk and Horse Vineyards would like to thank Cal Fire and supporting fire crews for their hard work, day and night, at times in triple digit heat, to protect inhabited areas of Lake County from the Rocky Fire.

The Rocky Fire started in the afternoon Wednesday, July 29th. In spite of fire fighters hard work, the fire grew rapidly. Drought conditions, heat, wind and rugged terrain contributed to the rapid growth and difficulty in controlling the fire.

The fire broke out just four miles east of Spruce Grove Road - the road that defines the east - or back side - of Hawk and Horse Vineyards at Diamond B Ranch. Diamond B Ranch is situated on a total of 1,300 acres. The vineyard is on the mountainous west side of the property.

Fire crews, through their hard work, and east traveling winds, kept the fire from reaching Spruce Grove Road.

The fire spread mostly east but has also grown south and west.

Because the fire began close to Hawk and Horse Vineyards, as it has moved east it has become less of a threat to us. In addition, fire crews brought in several bull-dozers, creating a fire break to protect Lower Lake and nearby homes, ranches, vineyards and wineries.

While we have seen large plumes of smoke on the horizon to the south and east every day, the skies above the vineyard remain eerily clear, blue and beautiful. This is likely due to the high elevation of the vineyard - 2.200 feet above sea level - and to winds moving toward the east.

On the lower elevations on the east side of the ranch, ash is falling like snow coating everything in a fine, whitish gray dust. The moon glows red at night.

Hawk and Horse Vineyards is very proud of the Lake County community in the way that they have come together. A large ranching and equestrian community, when ranches were threatened, friends and strangers banned together to save animals and property. Banks of truck and trailer rigs stood at the ready, engines running through the night in some cases, waiting to rush into fire zones and rescue animals. Landowners in safe areas reached out through phone and social media offering safe haven to any one with a need. People continue to stand at the ready to help in clean up, rounding up stray animals and livestock and lend a hand in any way to those in need.

We ask that you please keep Lake County and our brave fire crews in your thoughts and prayers.

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Blue skies over Diamond B Ranch and Hawk and Horse Vineyards

Fire Crews

The active fire here is approximately ten miles to the south of Hawk and Horse Vineyards

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