Samoas & Hawk and Horse Vineyards 2011 Latigo

Enjoy this sweet review on our 2011 Latigo!

When someone mentions cookies the first thing that comes to mind for me are Girl Scout Cookies. There are several kinds that I really like and order whenever the opportunity arises, but one stands above the others. There is something about Samoas that get me a little more excited and cause my taste buds to start watering. They’re fairly soft but have a little bit of a crunch to them. The coconut flavor always takes me by surprise as if it’s the first time, and the dark chocolate is a sweet reward all by itself. As delicious as they are they can be enhanced with the perfect wine pairing. If you want to kick your Samoas game up several notches you need to pair it with a this great wine from Lake County California. Hawk and Horse Vineyards 2011 Latigo ($50): This fortified wine is produced in the Port style. It’s composed entirely of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Red Hills AVA in Lake County California and fortified with high proof Brandy. Red and black cherry aromas dot the gentle nose of this dessert wine. The gentle palate is studded with red raspberry characteristics that are interspersed with wisps of red cherry and ripe strawberry. There’s a depth and complexity here that belies the soft and light mouth-feel. Each successive sip reveals layers of profundity. The finish is above average with sweet, red fruit flavors echoing on and on. Sipped by itself this is a delicious Port style wine. However when it’s paired with Samoas both are elevated. The dark chocolate, coconut and caramel from the cookie marry gloriously with the all of the bright red fruit flavors. 



Hawk and Horse Vineyards