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Harvest! An unexpected spike in the weather last week ripened the highest elevation fruit faster than expected. Today we harvested Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Franc and five acres of Cabernet Sauvignon from our ten acre bowl at 2,200 feet elevation. This is beautifully balanced at 25 degrees brix. Harvest began at 4am. There is still a good deal of Cabernet in our 1,800 feet elevation bowl out. Looking like late next week for that block and the rest of the ten acre block. We will wrap up harvest with the fruit for our Port project - we will patiently await that slight raisining and concentration that makes our "Latigo" so delicious.

As of the beginning of this week we are about 90% into veraison - nearly all of the clusters have their deep indigo color throughout. Now we will begin watching the brix - or sugar content of the juice. Our weather cycle of warm days/cool nights has held consistent this year. We had some peaks of heat mid summer and some cooling - and even fog recently but nothing too out of the ordinary. Our hearty mountain-grown Cabernet Sauvignon is thriving! Sugars are between 18 - 20 degrees brix. We are guessing at harvest mid to late September - perfect!

Here we are in September watching the fruit on the vine develop and ripen. We are seeing brix at between 22 – 23 degrees throughout the vineyard. One degree of movement per week in terms of brix – or sugar – is anticipated. Looking to harvest at about 25 degrees brix, we imagine that we will begin to bring in fruit in another week and one half to two weeks.


Slightly cooler than usual temperatures in the vineyard this past week. Balmy and mid-80s. Cooling at night to the 50s. This is extending hang time and developing fruit of character and complexity. We have a lot of humidity in the air. We feel this will help the fruit develop without over drying the berries. We are still a few weeks from harvest at the earliest. Looking like a beautiful crop.

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